Term Based Pricing

Classes are run in term blocks, with a break in-between.

Term 2, 2021: Monday April 12 - Sunday June 20, 2021. (10 week term)

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Pricing Options

$165 for a 10-week term of 1 class per week – equates to $16.50 per class

$320 for a 10-week term of 2 classes per week – equates to $16 per class or $32 per week

(If you are going away for the school holidays you can choose  to book an 8-week term of 1 class per week for $132 – equates to $16.50 per class or 2 classes per week for $256 or $16 per class. Please email me to arrange this.)

Casual price: $20 for Kingston classes, $18 for Kettering classes, $18 for Zoom classes.

10 class passes for $180 are available for purchase and use on a casual basis, however please note these have a 5 month expiry.

Book your place in Term 2 here.

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Benefits of a term structure:

  • Commitment and accountability – once you have made this commitment to yourself, it will help keep you accountable to showing up and maintaining your routine.

  • Convenience – you will never need to book online (I will do that for you!) and your spot is guaranteed.

  • Savings – the cheapest price per class available.

  • Peace of mind – if you miss a class, you can attend a “make up” class within one month or by the end of term, whichever comes sooner.

  • Progress – a term structure allows us to continually progress as a group, building on what we practice each week.


I am committed! Do I need to nominate which class I am signing up for?

Yes, when you purchase a 1 or 2 class term online, please write in the comments section which class(es) you are registering for.

If I have signed up for a term, can I attend a different a class each week?

No, you are committing to a specific class on the schedule. However, if you need to make up a class, it would be another class on the schedule. If the class you register for is both in person and on Zoom, you can change between in person and Zoom (or vice versa) as long as you notify me 2 hours before the class and subject to space.

My schedule does not allow me to commit to a term, can I still attend classes?

Yes, of course! Commitment is not for everyone. Subject to space in any given class, you can book online and pay the casual rate (or use your 10 pack).

What if I commit to a term but then cannot complete it?

There is no refund on a term if you drop out part way through. However, if you miss a class or two you can make them up at another class on the schedule, subject to space. (Must be used within one month of the missed class or by the end of term, whichever comes sooner).

I would like to practice more than twice per week, what are my options?

Now that’s committed! Let’s chat about the best options for you.

What happens if I need to cancel a class?

If you have committed to a term, let me know 4 hours in advance of the class so that I can adjust the amount of casual places available. You can then make up that class later.

If you are using a 10 pack, log in to the website 4 hours in advance of the class to cancel and have one credit added back to your pass. Failure to do so will forfeit your class.

If you paid a casual rate, you need to contact me 4 hours in advance so that I can make that space available, and I will then arrange to book you into an alternative class of your choice. There is no refund. Failure to notify me will mean that you have forfeited your payment.


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