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Candlelight Yin

Nourish your body and mind

Join us in the Yoga Shack for a 90 minute Yin workshop, held under the flickering of fairy lights and candles.

Dive inward to replenish and harmonise the vital energy flowing through your body. Let go of deeply held tension by influencing the connective tissue and freeing up the joints. Quieten your mind in the stillness.

This is a 90 minute Yin Yoga class, followed by tea, hot chocolate and weather permitting: toasted marshmallows around the fire pit. Suitable for beginners and regular practitioners of Yin Yoga.

Date:           5.00pm Saturday May 4, 2024. 

Investment: $40 including GST 

Location:     The Yoga Shack, Kettering

Cancellation Policy:

Please note the cancellation policy for this class: No refund for cancellations within 48 hours of the event.

Hot chocolate and Chai by the fire
Toast marshmallows
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