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30 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

30 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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The Mechanics of Movement

Transform your teaching by deepening your anatomy knowledge

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach yoga to a wide range of body types and abilities. Discover how understanding the mechanics of movement can help you to create, cue and teach more inclusive and accessible yoga classes.


This informative and illuminating 30 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will equip you to teach a wider range of students. Develop a more inclusive approach to your sequencing, language and demonstrating. Create a class environment that leaves students feeling welcome and their needs and abilities catered for, regardless of body type, shape or size.

This is for you if you:

  • Have a felt sense of certain poses being uncomfortable or difficult for your body, but don't understand the mechanics behind why

  • Or: suspect that you have blind spots in your teaching because you don't live in a body that has limited range

  • Understand that there are differences in body types and range of movement but are not sure how to tailor your teaching accordingly

  • Don’t know when to encourage a student to go further and when to back off

  • Feel confident in your understanding of muscles but not the skeleton

  • Have students in your class that you don't feel confident modifying for

  • Want to be more inclusive in your teaching

  • Are starved for face to face learning and an opportunity to connect with your peers!


This training is suitable for 200 Hour qualified Yoga Teachers.


The first part of the YTT will cover advanced anatomy; specifically looking at skeletal variation and restrictions to range of movement. Being able to confidently offer modifications to a wide range of bodies requires a solid understanding of more than just the muscles of the body and differences in flexibility. We will examine topics such as:

  • Why do two students with equal flexibility look completely different in a yoga pose?

  • What is the role of skeletal variation in the ability to get into a pose?

  • What limits range of movement? A deep dive into all major joints

  • Can range of movement be improved and how can you tell in an individual student?

  • How to modify or substitute poses to accommodate differing ranges of movement.

The latter part of the training will get into teaching skills that will assist you to design and deliver more inclusive and accessible classes and workshops. This part will cover topics such as:

  • How do you tailor your classes on the fly to accommodate all students in the room?

  • How do you know when to encourage a student to go further or when to back off?

  • Are you unknowingly communicating a "hierarchy" of poses that leave students feeling inferior?

  • A look at inclusive Language and Cueing.

  • Sequencing: how to use a functional approach to your Yin and Yang class sequences.

  • Teaching practice and feedback.

  • Yin and Yang practice.

Two people doing the same yoga pose but looking very different, Santosha Yoga Australia, Yoga Teacher Training

At the end of this training you will:

  • Have greater confidence to offer modifications and alternatives to suit different body types, based on a deeper knowledge of anatomy

  • Be better equipped to observe a student’s range of movement and understand whether they are limited by tension or compression

  • Be able to modify or swap poses in the moment, based on the student in front of you, using a functional approach to yoga asana

  • Have a framework for developing safe, effective – and inclusive! - Yoga sequences for your classes by learning how to deconstruct poses to understand range of movement

  • Develop more inclusive language so that students don’t feel alienated or inferior

  • Learn Paul Grilley’s target area framework and how to apply it to Yang styles of yoga as well as Yin

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Danielle Bendall, of Santosha Yoga Australia, has been practicing yoga for 23 years and teaching for 10. She has studied with some of the world's leading teacher trainers, including Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Leslie Kaminoff, Lizzie Lasater, Donna Farhi, Simon Park and Duncan Peak. 

“Most 200 hour YTT courses equip us with an in-depth understanding of the muscles, but very little time is spent on the huge range of variation found in the skeleton. The knowledge I gained from studying with Paul Grilley has had a profound impact on both my teaching and my own practice. After first studying with Paul in 2017, I've spent the last 6 years embodying this knowledge, and building it into my teaching of both yin and yang styles of yoga."

Danielle is highly passionate about shaking up the yoga industry's obsession with the aesthetics of yoga, and making the practice more accessible, inclusive and beneficial to people of all body types, abilities, size and shape.


When: 9.00am - 5.30pm, Friday June 7 - Monday June 10, 2024

Where: Private studio, Kettering TAS (30 minutes south of Hobart)


Investment and Payment Plan:

$750 inc GST. A non refundable deposit of $200 is required, followed by equal monthly payments until full balance is paid by May 2024.

Pay in Full Bonus: If paying in full, receive a one hour private mentoring session with Danielle. 

Registrations close April 30, 2024


Cancellation Policy:

  • The deposit of $200 is non refundable.

  • For cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to the training, 50% of any payments above the deposit will be refunded

  • There is no refund of any amount for cancellations made within 4 weeks of the training commencing.

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