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"I have thoroughly enjoyed and been challenged during Danielle's yoga classes. She has the ability to gently correct a posture if there is a risk of injury and is encouraging and supportive to the variety of abilities her yogis present. Danielle's choice of music has been therapeutic as well. I've been reminded that yoga is a journey and it's ok to 'fall out' and to laugh at yourself. Thank you for your guidance, patience and perseverance."




"I felt better physically, mentally and emotionally. I learned that yoga is something for everyone and whatever your starting point you will soon feel better from doing it. Better knees, better flexibility, improved sleep, clarity of mind, and perhaps most of all the satisfaction of yoga being an unknown that “I might try some day” to something I do regularly and love. I’d of course recommend it to everyone, but especially to my fellow men feeling the long-term consequences of injuries sustained during our glory days years before. I’ve had three knee operations (including a full reconstruction) and the benefits of Dani’s yoga were significant in my flexibility, strength and movement. Dani structures her classes so whether its knees, back, ankles or shoulders you can still complete the class and get benefits."




"I love Danielle’s mindful approach to yoga! Reminding me to be in the moment and enjoy the now, is so refreshing in today’s busy world!  With a focus on correct alignment, technique and building on my individual strength, her classes are perfect for every level.  A wealth of yoga knowledge, with a grounding approach to be the best that I can be."




"I started Vinyasa Flow yoga about a year ago and was lucky to have Danielle as my first teacher. Danielle always takes the time to explain the technique behind each pose, and her classes are just as intense as they are calm. She makes adjustments kindly, never judges, but always encourages. There is no competition in her class, no ego. She guides you through the journey, and I find that I am able to challenge myself in the safety of her class. Yoga has now become an integral part of my life, and I have to thank Danielle for introducing yoga into my life. "




"Dani emphasises that each body is different and encourages you to adjust poses to suit your body. I feel this approach made everyone in the class comfortable, which in turn made for great classes. Yoga has been a revelation for me. Years of lower back pain and seemingly chronic sciatic pain are no more. I sleep better, am less stressed at work, and am happier on the whole."




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