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Yoga as unique as you are

Yoga in Kingston and Kettering, Tasmania 


We all have unique bodies. So your version of a yoga pose will look different to the next person. There is no such thing as the perfect pose.

Hi, I'm Danielle: the face behind Santosha Yoga Australia. I am passionate about helping you find ease in your body and mind. When you are guided into yoga poses in a way that suits your body: with its unique shape, size, proportions and range of movement, you will find freedom and ease in the shape. Which in turn creates space for noticing what is going on in your mind. And this is where the transformational power of yoga lies: when you can slow down, become calm and connect to your Self.


Weekly classes are held in Kingston and Kettering, Tasmania. There are a range of class styles on offer with different benefits. it doesn't matter if you are fit or not, flexible or not, a beginner or experienced yoga student: there is something on offer for everyone.


Santosha (pronounced san-toe-sha) is the Sanskrit word for contentment. It is my belief that the practice of contentment, gratitude and acceptance are the keys to finding happiness from within. 

Weekly Classes

I believe strongly in finding balance in life, and so there is Vinyasa yoga (a stronger or more yang style of yoga) and Yin yoga (a softer and more meditative style of yoga) on offer. There is also Mindful Movement,  designed for the older body, and Slow and Steady, which will help build strength and flexibility but at a slower, easier pace than Vinyasa. You can read more about the different styles below.

Classes can be attended casually, or your place can be guaranteed (and get the best price) by signing up for a term here

Ready to start? 

About Us

Weekly Class Schedule

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Class Styles and Pricing

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, flowing style that will build strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energized with a clear mind.

Yin Yoga is a passive style of yoga targeting the connective tissue to keep us supple and mobile. Leave in a state of bliss, feeling relaxed and renewed.

Mindful Movement classes are the most gentle class and particularly designed to help the older body age with ease.

Slow and Steady classes combine strength building poses with slow, mindful movement.  Leave feeling strong, mobile and calm.

Pricing: Casual rates are $24 in Kingston and $22 in Kettering. 5 and 10 Class Passes are available. For information about term pricing click here.


Contact Us

Santosha Yoga Australia
Classes held in Kingston at:

Kingston Uniting Church

42 Jindabyne Road, Kingston, Tasmania, 7050 Australia

Contact us for details of Kettering classes.

Tel: 0403-802-635


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About Danielle

I understand what it feels like to be in a body that doesn't find yoga poses easy. But after 20+ years of practicing and 10 years of teaching, I have found contentment in my body. 


I first started practising yoga in 2002. I found that stepping onto my mat allowed me to calm down and find stillness in my mind – if only for brief moments! Over the years as my practice became more regular, I noticed the additional strength, flexibility, energy and overall vitality that yoga provided.


After 10+ years of practice, I completed my initial 200 hour teaching qualification with Power Living Australia Yoga, under the guidance of Duncan Peak. At that time, I had a very strong Power Flow practice, which was highly suited to my Type A personality. However, two weeks after graduating from teacher training, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which tilted my world on a pretty steep axis. 


This experience transformed my outlook and approach to life. It taught me the importance of reducing stress, of finding balance, and of caring and nourishing myself on a physical, mental and emotional level. Most importantly, it led me to believe that regardless of what life throws at you, happiness and inner peace can be found by practising contentment, gratitude and acceptance.

Having fully recovered, I've gone on to learn from many great local and international teachers including Sarah Powers, Simon Park, Leslie Kaminoff, Maty Ezraty, Donna Farhi and Lizzie Lasater.


But it was training with Paul and Suzee Grilley that firmly cemented my approach to yoga: functional, rather than aesthetic. In other words, the focus is on what the pose is doing for you, and how it feels, rather than what it looks like. Their training on skeletal variation gave me the theoretical understanding of what I was experiencing in my own body and seeing in many of my students.


I aim for my classes to be authentic, open and personal. I will help guide you to quieten the mind, tune in to the inner world, and bring the body, breath and mind into greater harmony. 

Read what my lovely students have to say on the Testimonials page.

Danielle Bendall
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