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Bali Retreat
September 2-7, 2023

Daily yoga
Infinity pool
Rice fields

Dates: Saturday, September 2 to Thursday September 7, 2023

Location: 30 minutes outside of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 

Head to the magical island of Bali. Come home to yourself.

Combine your love of yoga, travel, food, and nature on a retreat to Bali with Danielle this September. 


If you've never been to Bali, or have only seen the touristy side, then get ready for a culturally and spiritually rich experience. You will see first-hand how Balinese devotion and ceremony permeate all aspects of life. You will be touched by the colourful daily rituals, offerings and ordinary magic.

A common refrain among our weekend retreat participants is "I wish that the retreat had been longer". This five night retreat allows us to dive even deeper into the teachings of yoga to give you the benefits of being present, reconnecting with yourself, and tuning in to your own wants and needs. Slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and gain insights into your own inner world.

There will be the yoga, meditation and philosophy that you've come to know and love with Danielle from Santosha Yoga Australia, together with new teachings from Lisa Allwell from Seed Yoga + Wellness in Melbourne.

Yoga retreat in Bali.jpg

By carving out dedicated time to deepen your practice, you will create the head and heart space for learning and applying tools to support your wellbeing, so that you can embed them into your daily routine.

When immersing yourself in a new and exciting environment, you are more open to trying new experiences and challenging the usual stories about what you can and can't do.

You will be guided to explore yoga poses, breathwork and meditation methods that work for your unique body, mind and soul. All whilst surrounded by Balinese culture and nature that will capture your heart.

Your Teachers

Danielle Bendall

Danielle has led multiple retreats over the last 7 years. She treasures the opportunity to deep-dive into the richer and more subtle practices of yoga. Danielle will share how to embed these practices off the mat and into your daily life.


Lisa Allwell

Lisa has led numerous retreats in Bali: she’ll tell you about how the yoga is often hidden in plain sight there.   Lisa will infuse the retreat teachings with cultural elements to help you to understand why so many people are drawn to profound and deep connection to this magical place. 


Our retreat centre is 30 minutes from Ubud. It is perched high in the mountains overlooking a valley of rice fields. You will be gazing on this serene view from your balcony, during our daily yoga classes, from the onsite restaurant, or whilst relaxing by the infinity pool.


We will begin our day with meditation and yoga, explore new techniques in mindfulness and breathwork, and explore the teachings of yoga through in-depth workshops.


There will be ample free time in the afternoons to relax by the pool and do nothing, take advantage of the onsite spa services, or to head into Ubud and explore the surrounding village.

Our evenings will end with relaxing practices designed to help you sleep soundly, such as restorative yoga, yoga nidra or meditation.

Importantly, all activities are optional: you are free to participate in as much or as little as you desire.

The retreat centre, which we will have all to ourselves, includes 12 guest rooms decorated in a minimal and uncluttered Japanese Zen style. Expect stunning views of the rice fields and surrounding jungle. Each room has an ensuite bathroom.

We will be nourished with delicious vegetarian meals at our onsite restaurant. All meals are included from dinner on our first night to breakfast on our last day, except for one dinner which will be held offsite (additional expense).

This retreat is for you if:

  • You've always wanted to go on a yoga retreat but were worried that you wouldn't fit in amongst a group of young, bendy bodies

  • You want to escape from "busyness" and start to include rest, relaxation and self care into your routine.

  • You spend a lot of time focused on other people's needs and would like some time for yourself.

  • You are looking for heart based connections with like minded others.

  • You want to live your life in alignment with your values and priorities, and need some clear head space to make decisions.

  • You would like a break  from the ordinary, a circuit breaker from your old habits and patterns.

  • You want to explore the teachings of yoga further than you can in your regular weekly class.

  • You want to experience Bali in a safe, supported and authentic way.

Bali yoga retreat.jpg
Retreat centre.jpg

You will enjoy:

  • Daily yoga, meditation and breathwork

  • All workshops and excursions included in the retreat agenda

  • 5 nights accommodation from Saturday 2 September 2023, checking out on Thursday 7 September 2023.

  • All meals except one dinner that will be at your own expense

  • Airport transfers to the retreat venue* (conditions apply)


The following are not included:

  • Airfares to/from Bali

  • Travel insurance

  • Incidentals such as additional food, drinks, or gratuities

All-Inclusive Pricing
Bali Yoga Retreat.JPG

Private Room with Ensuite

$3000 per person

Payment plans available

Bali Yoga Retreat.jpg

Twin Share Room with Ensuite

$2600 per person

Payment plans available

Bali view

Feedback from past retreats

Attending a retreat with Danielle is much more than an act of self-care. It's an opportunity to take a pause from life and reconnect with our selves, our needs, our feelings, our bodies - all the while surrounded by kind and simply wonderful new friends. Alex

Attending a yoga retreat is something I never imagined myself doing. It has exceeded my expectations. Danielle is a wonderful teacher that focuses on the individual needs and abilities of each person. Michelle.


Love the idea of this retreat, but the dates don't work for you? Why not consider a custom yoga retreat? You choose the location, timing and which friends to bring, and I do the rest! Learn more.

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