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High plank transition tutorial

Here is a quick, 3 minute tutorial on those tricky transitions from high plank to low plank (chaturanga) and then into cobra or updog. This transition is the one I most often see done incorrectly. If repeatedly done with poor alignment, this can lead to injury over time.

The key tips included are:

  • Shoulders forward of the wrist in the high plank position.

  • Lower chest before hips, never hips before chest.

  • Point your elbows back towards your knees, not winging out to the side.

  • Drop your knees down if you are tired, building upper body strength or just want a gentler practice.

Other pointers not covered in the video:

  • It goes without saying that core and thighs should be engaged.

  • Press firmly into the hands and draw the shoulder blades towards each other.

  • Broaden through the chest, don't allow it to collapse inward.

  • Keep drawing your pubic bone up towards your sternum and your front ribs towards each other.

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