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Coping with Winter

Winter is my least favourite season. Primarily because I feel the cold, and wet weather and grey skies affect my mood. I notice the lack of colour once the last of the autumn leaves drop, everything seems so much more monotone.

So this year I have decided that instead of dreading the season and focusing on the negative, I am going to proactively celebrate what I do like about Winter. Here's my list of all the things I can find winter joy in:

  • Hot chocolate, especially good quality hot chocolate

  • Candles - I am going to use candles around the bath, when I practice yoga, or simply to create ambience around the home

  • Wood fires, and being mesmerised by the flames

  • Bright blue skies and crisp frosty mornings - when we have them, I will get outside and enjoy them

  • Hearty meals, comfort food, winter vegetables

  • Not having to wax my legs - too much information?

  • Winter clothes - scarves, layers, boots

  • Quirky Tasmanian winter festivals - Dark Mofo, Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest. Check them out!

  • Long drawn out baths

  • Cosy blankets on the couch, electric blanket on the bed

  • The extra cuddles I get from my cats

  • Snuggling under the doona on Sunday sleep-ins

  • Snow, and the purity of white

What's on your list this winter?

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